Postdoctoral Research Stations, Nanjing University, started at the same time as the establishment of China’s postdoctoral education system. In 1985, the postdoctoral research stations of Geology and Physics along with two others were firstly established, and this marked the university’s becoming one among the first batch of national key universities with postdoctoral research stations. In 1987, it welcomed its first post-doctorate. In 1996, it enrolled its first post-doctorates from companies. By the end of 2015, it has enrolled nearly 3,000 post-doctorates with 900 of them currently doing research at the university.

The university has altogether 38 post-doctoral research stations, including the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, philosophy and so on and covering most first-level disciplines of the country. The number and scope of the postdoctoral research stations at the university are among the best in China. See the list of the stations.

Process of entering a post-doctoral station

1. Please contact your supervisor in post-doctoral stations in Nanjing University before preparing paper materials, registering and submitting application on the China Post-Doctor System.

2. The school related post-doctoral station attached to should submit the paper materials along with compensation standard of post-doctor in Nanjing University and report of the tutor’s contribution to the personnel service office of HR department.

3. The personnel service office should check the materials and provide a letter of admission (if the applicant is a non-Chinese national, the supervisor should appoint a staff person to receive the letter and deal with foreign-affairs procedures at the Department of International Cooperation and Communication).

4. The former institute should post the personnel file of the applicant to the HR department of Nanjing University. The applicant should deal with the registering affairs on the date specified on the letter of admission (international applicants are not required).

Online applying system (China national post-doctoral system)


1. Contact details of post-doctoral stations can be found in the list of the stations.

2. Contact concerning the entrance and exit of post-doctoral station: 

Wei Qiang

Address: Room 518, Yangzhou Building, Xianlin Campus

Tel: 86-25-89681559

3. Contact at the management center of post-doctors: 

Hu Minzhong

Address: Room 516, Yangzhou Building, Xianlin Campus

Tel: 86-25-89683253

Email: ndbsh@nju.edu.cn