Overview of Graduate Admissions

Nanjing University is one of the earliest universities in China to carry out graduate education. After the founding of New China, the university resumed its graduate student enrollment in 1954 and reached a total enrollment of 276 students by 1965. In 1978, it became one of the first universities in China to restore graduate student enrollment. In 1984, it was one of the universities in China to run graduate schools. In 1995, it ranked among the best in the comprehensive review of 33 graduate schools carried out by the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and the National Education Commission and was formally approved to establish the graduate school. This marked the university’s entering of a new stage of development. The graduate education of Nanjing University did enter a new stage of development as the university became one of the first to receive the support of the "211" Project, "985" Project and the national high-level university construction plan.

The university currently has 162 graduate programs on the academic track and 23 programs on the professional track (the latter including Master of Business Administration, Juris Master, Master of Engineering, Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Master of Architecture, Master of Medicine, Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Public Administration, Master of Translation and Interpreting, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Social Work, Master of Finance, Master of International Business, Master of Cultural Heritage and Museology, Master of Journalism and Communication, Master of Library and Information Studies, Master of Publishing, Master of Stomatological Medicine, Master of Applied Statistics, Master of Urban Planning, Master of Auditing, Master of Education, Master of Nursing Specialist).

Each year, the university enrolls about 4,000 full-time graduate students (2,100 of them on the academic track and 1,900 on the professional track) and 1,400 part-time graduate students. Students will be issued both the graduation and degree certificates upon the completion of their study. Each year, the graduate school enrolls about 2,000 recommended students with exemptions from the entrance examinations and registers about 110 enrolled students transferring from lower divisions.

The State Ministry of Education organizes nationwide uniform examinations on the subjects of ideological and political theory, math (1, 2, and 3), English for majors other than foreign languages and literature (1 and 2), Japanese, Russian, abilities in clinical medicine (western medicine), abilities in management, and Juris Master’s. Nanjing University writes examinations on all other subjects.

During the re-examinations, Nanjing University strengthens the test of the applicants’ specialized knowledge and skills by combining written tests and interviews and administering tests of foreign language listening comprehension and oral skills. Applicants at an equivalent educational level should take no less than two additional written examinations on the major subjects of the undergraduate program for the major to which they are applying.

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