Scholarships and Grants

The Student Financial Aid Center, under the Student Affairs Office, is responsible for matters concerning scholarships and grants of undergraduates studying in Nanjing University.

The university has established 30 university-level scholarships programs, over 30 school-level scholarships programs, and 42 grant programs. With a total of more than 30 million yuan each year, more than half of the students can receive these scholarships and grants, among which the highest scholarship reaches 20,000 yuan and the highest grant reaches 10,000 yuan.

In addition, the university has taken many measures to help undergraduate students finish their studies, such as the National Student Loan (up to 8,000 yuan per year), work-study program (the university has set up more than 1,500 jobs), tuition remission, interim grants for needy students, and the green channel.

Since 2011, the university has established several international exchange scholarships including Zhenxing international exchange scholarship, Zhang Jiahe international exchange scholarship, Shanyuan international exchange scholarship, Sun Dalun scholarship for exchanges in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Xu Xin international exchange scholarship. These scholarships offer an amount ranging from RMB 25,000 yuan to 60,000 yuan to a scholarship holder. They provide financial aid for Nanjing University students who are excellent both in study and behavior but came from poor families, to exchange, complete internships, study, research and pursue a degree in the world’s top universities.