Chinese Government Scholarship - Nanjing University Program 2016

The Chinese Government Scholarship is set up by the government to facilitate students and scholars from abroad to conduct their study and research in China’s universities. As one of the top universities in China, Nanjing University is on the list of those this program covers.

Category of the Recipients


This scholarship only supports graduate students.

Duration of Support


This scholarship supports master’s students for no more than 3 academic years and doctoral students for no more than 4 academic years, remitted each month throughout the year including summer and winter vacations. It covers both the study in the recipient’s specialty and the Chinese language preparatory study.


A master’s degree program usually takes 3 years while a Ph.D. program usually takes 3 to 4 years at Nanjing University. The scholarship recipients are expected to meet the university’s graduation requirements, that is, earn a minimally required number of credits and succeed in passing the oral defense of the thesis or dissertation.

Candidate Qualifications


a. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be healthy physically and mentally.

b.  Applicants studying for a master’s degree must have received bachelor’s degrees and should be at or under the age of 35.

c. Applicants studying for a Ph.D. degree must have received master’s degrees and should be at or under the age of 40.



a. For applicants who are yet to receive their degrees in the year, a pre-graduation certificate should be submitted to ensure that they have the competence to complete the study and be awarded the degrees by July that year.

b. Applicants shall be willing to learn Chinese. Successful applicants should be able to understand academic instruction in the Chinese language and should pass the Chinese proficiency tests within the required time period.

c. Applicants should not be granted with other Chinese scholarships or funds (2016-2017).

Language Proficiency




a. At entrance: new HSK level 4 for science programs and new HSK level 5 for liberal arts programs.

b. At graduation: new HSK level 5 for science programs and new HSK level 6 for liberal arts programs.

Applicants with insufficient Chinese proficiency may still be eligible for the scholarship on condition of being excellent in their academic fields. Once granted the scholarship, they are obliged to take one-year language study, during which they will still be fully supported by the scholarship, and shall pass required HSK tests before starting the study in their specialties.



Applicants to English-taught programs at Nanjing University may also be eligible for the scholarship, but they must present their score reports of IELTS (6.5 points or above) or TOEFL (90 points or above).

The applications would be turned down without notice if the applicants fail to present the score reports mentioned above.

Rules and Regulations


Full-time scholarship students of Nanjing University should observe the university’s rules and regulations as well as the Codes for International Students at Nanjing University, including but not limited to the following terms:

a. Study, research, and thesis writing should be finished at the university. No distance education is allowed unless permitted in the course catalog of the university.

b. Scholarship recipients are qualified for academic degrees only when they have met the requirements on Chinese proficiency, credits and degree thesis/dissertation before graduation.

c. Scholarship recipients are not allowed to transfer to other universities. Once the study is suspended from Nanjing University, the scholarship will be terminated and will not be regained.

d. In principal, except for the vacation time, scholarship recipients are not allowed to leave for family visit, text material collection or internship during the school year. In case of emergency, they may leave school with the permission by their supervisors and departments along with the approval of China Scholarship Council. The scholarship will be terminated and the recipient disqualified in the case of leave with no proper permission during the school year.

e. According to the regulations of China Scholarship Council, all the scholarship recipients should take part in the annual assessment and evaluation of the scholarships qualification, the time for which is from March to May each year. Based on the assessment results, those qualified can continue to receive their scholarship whereas those who fail the review will be disqualified from the scholarship program.

Scholarship Coverage


Allowance: a monthly stipend of RMB 3,000 yuan for masters’ students and 3,500 yuan for Ph.D. students.

Tuition: Tuition and registration fees are waived.

Health Insurance: a health insurance for the entire duration of the scholarship.

Accommodation: free accommodation in the International Student Dormitory of Nanjing University for the entire duration of the scholarship.

Procedures of Application


Apply online. Fill in the application form online (The Agency No. for Nanjing University is 10284), click the “submit” button and print it. When the on-line application is completed, mail TWO copies of the following documents to the Scholarship Coordinator (address below) of Nanjing University before the required date. The submitted documents will not be returned.


a. Printed Application form with a recent photo

b. The original copy of the Academic Transcripts

c. Copy of the diploma of the highest degree obtained

d. Two recommendation letters from advisers/professors of the last school attended

e. The most recent HSK score report

f. Detailed proposal for study and research in China

g. List of academic publications, copies of representative works or abstracts of articles (no more than 3 copies).

h. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (Download)

i. Printed “Codes for International Scholarship Students of Nanjing University” with the applicant’s signature. (Download)


Note: Any documents in a language other than Chinese or English must be accompanied with an English or Chinese translation.

Application & Enrollment Schedules


Applications are accepted from January 1 to March 15.

Notification of successful applicants will be posted on the official website of the Institute for International Students of Nanjing University by the end of May 2016.

Admission Notice and JW201 Form will be mailed in July.

The school year starts from the beginning of September. Refer to the Admission Notice for the specific date of registration.


Ms. Zhou Chunyue

Scholarship Coordinator

Institute for International Students, Nanjing University

22 Hankou Rd, Nanjing, 210093, China

Tel. +86-25-83593586

Fax: +86-25-83316747