Master’s Programs for International Students


Programs with ★ are for professional degrees.


School / Department                Program                

 Institute for International Students

 Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages★

 Department of Philosophy

 Philosophy of Marxism

 Chinese Philosophy

 Foreign Philosophy



 Religious Studies

 Philosophy of Science and Technology

 History of Marxism

 Marxist Study Abroad

 School of Business

 Political Economics

 Western Economics

 World Economics

 Population, Resources and Environmental Economics

 National Economics

 Finance & Banking

 Industrial Economics

 International Trade

 Quantitative Economics

 Master of Finance★

 Master of International Business★

 Master of Auditing★


 Corporate Management

 Master of Business Administration★

 Master of Professional Accounting★

 School of Marxism

 History of the Communist Party of China

 Basic Principles of Marxism

 Naturalization of Marxism in China

 Education in Ideology and Politics

 Studies on Fundamental Topics in Chinese Modern History

 Law School


 Legal History

 Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

 Criminal Jurisprudence

 Civil and Commercial Law

 Procedure Law

 Economic Law

 Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law

 International Law

 Juris Master★

 Legum Magister★

 School of Government

 Political Theory

 Chinese and Foreign Political Institutions

 International Politics


 Social Medicine and Health Service Management

 Social Security

 Master of Public Administration★

 School of Social and Behavioral Sciences




 Master of Social Work★

 Basic Psychology

 Applied Psychology

 School of Liberal Arts

 Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages★

 Theory of Literature and Art

 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

 Chinese Philology

 Study of Chinese Classical Texts

 Ancient Chinese Literature

 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

 Comparative Literature and World Literature

 Literature of Theater, Film and Television

 Master of Theater★

 School of Foreign Studies

 English Languages and Literatures

 Russian Languages and Literatures

 French Languages and Literatures

 German Languages and Literatures

 Japanese Languages and Literatures

 Spanish Languages and Literatures

 Asian and African Languages and Literatures

 Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages

 Master of English Translation★

 Master of Japanese Translation★

 Master of French Translation ★

 School of History


 Chinese History

 World History

 Master of Cultural Relic and Museology★

 School of Journalism and Communication



 Master of Journalism and Communication★

 Institute of Education

 Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

 Higher Education

 Education Technology

 Master of Educational Administration★

 Educational Economy and Management

 Institute of International Relations

 International Relations



 School of Information Management

 Master of Publishing★

 Library Science

 Information Science

 Archival Science

 Publishing Science

 Master of Library and Information★

 School of Management and Engineering

 Master of Financial Engineering★

 Control Science and Engineering

 Control Engineering

 Master of Industrial Engineering★

 Master of Project Management ★

 Master of Logistics Engineering★

 Management Science & Engineering

 Information Management & Engineering

 Academy of Fine Arts

 Fine Arts

 Master of Fine Arts★

 Institute of Sports Science

 Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training

 The Johns Hopkins - Nanjing Center for Chinese and American Studies

 International Relations

 Art Institute

 Theory of Arts

 Department of Mathematics

 Master of Applied Statistics★

 Fundamental Mathematics

 Computational Mathematics

 Probability and Mathematical Statistics

 Applied Mathematics

 Operational Research and Cybernetics

 School of Physics

 Theoretical Physics

 Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics

 Condensed Matter Physics




 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering

 Master of Optical Engineering★

 School of Electronic Science and Engineering

 Radio Physics

 Optical Engineering

 Physical Electronics

 Circuits and Systems

 Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

 Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

 Communication and Information Systems

 Signal and Information Processing

 Biomedical Engineering

 Master of Optical Engineering★

 Master of Electronics and Communication Engineering★

 Master of Integrated Circuit Engineering★

 School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


 Applied Chemistry

 Master of Chemical Engineering★

 School of the Environment

 Environmental Science

 Environmental Engineering

 Master of Environmental Engineering★

 School of Astronomy and Space Science


 Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics

 School of Geography and Marine Science

 Regional Economics

 Physical Geography

 Human Geography

 Cartography and Geography Information System

 Ocean Geology

 Quaternary Geology

 Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

 Environmental Science

 Land Resource Management

 School of Atmospheric Science


 Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment

 School of Earth Science/Geoscience and Engineering

 Solid Earth Physics

 Mineralogy, Petrology, Mineral Deposit Geology


 Paleontology and Stratigraphy

 Structural Geology

 Hydrology and Water Resources

 Mining Resources Prospecting and Exploration

 Geodetection and Information Technology

 Geological Engineering

 Master of Geological Engineering★

 School of Life Sciences





 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


 Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering★

 Medicinal Chemistry


 Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy


 Model Animal Research Center


 Software Institute

 Systems Analysis and Integration

 Software Engineering

 Master of Software Engineering★

 Department of Computer Science and Technology

 Computer Science and Technology

 Software Engineering

 Master of Computer Technology★

 College of Engineering and Applied Science

 Optical Engineering

 Materials Physics and Chemistry


 Material Processing Engineering

 Biomedical Engineering

 Master of Optical Engineering★

 Master of Material Engineering★

 Medical School

 Basic Medicine

 Internal Medicine



 Psychiatry and Mental Health

 Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

 Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics


 Obstetrics and Gynecology

 Ophthalmic Specialty




 Emergency Medicine

 Clinical Science of Stomatology


 Clinical Medicine

 Master of Stomatology★

 Master of Nursing★

 School of Architecture and Urban Planning


 Urban and Rural Planning Studies

 Master of Architecture

 Master of Urban Planning★