Undergraduate Programs for International Students

 School/ Department Major

 Institute for International Students

 Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

 Chinese Language

 School of Liberal Arts

 Literature of Theatre, Film & Television

 Chinese Language and Literature

 School of History



 Cultural Relics Identification & Restoration

 Department of Philosophy (Dept. of Religious Studies)


 Law School


 School of Government

 General Administration

 Labor & Social Security

 Political Science and Public Administration

 International Politics

 School of Journalism & Communication



 Radio & Television Science

 School of Information Management

 Information Management & Information System

 Library Science

 Editing & Publishing Science

 Archive Science

 School of Social & Behavioral Sciences


 Applied Psychology

 Social Work

 Business School

 Business Administration

 Human Resource Management



 Financial Management

 Electronic Commerce


 International Economics and Trade

 Finance and Banking

 Financial Engineering

 Public Finance


 School of Foreign Studies








 Department of Mathematics

 Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

 Information and Computing Science


 School of Physics


 Applied Physics


 School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering


 Applied Chemistry

 Macromolecule Science & Engineering

 School of Life Sciences

 Biological Science


 School of Earth Sciences and Engineering



 Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering

 Groundwater Science & Engineering

 School of Geographic & Oceanographic Sciences

 Geographic Information Science


 Natural Geography & Resource

 Tourism Management

 Marine Science

 School of Atmospheric Sciences

 Atmospheric Science

 Applied Meteorology

 School of Electronic Science & Engineering

 Electronic Information Science & Technology

 Telecommunications Engineering

 Biomedical Engineering


 Department of Computer Science and Technology

 Computer Science & Technology

 College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

 Material Physics

 Material Chemistry

 School of the Environment

 Environmental Engineering

 Environmental Planning & Management

 Environmental Chemistry

 Environmental Biology

 School of Astronomy & Space Science


 Space Science & Technology

 Medical School

 Clinical Medicine

 Oral Medicine

 Basic Medical Sciences

 Software Institute

 Software Engineering

 School of Management & Engineering

 Financial Engineering

 Industrial Engineering


 School of Architecture & Urban Planning

 Urban Planning


 Kuang Yaming Honors School

 Intensive Science Training Program

 (mathematics, computer, astronomy, physics,

 biophysics,chemistry, biology & biochemistry)