Overview of Academic Committee

The Academic Committee of Nanjing University is the highest authority of academics, exercising the power in decision-making, examination, evaluation and consultation of all academic affairs of the university. Its main duties are:

  • To examine or make decisions on important issues concerning talents cultivation, research, disciplinary construction, personnel building and other academic affairs that need the examination of the committee;

  • To examine and make decisions or authorize to examine and make decisions on teaching and research achievements, projects, awards and academic requirements of personnel posts;

  • To make, on behalf of the university, major development plans and strategies concerning academic affairs, budgets and final accounts of the university’s teaching and research expenditure, applications of major teaching and research projects and the allocation and use of funds, and to give advice on international cooperation or teaching programs;

  • To hear and investigate cases of academic misconduct and to arbitrate academic disputes;

  • To provide guidance for the university’s Committee of Degree Evaluation, Committee of Teaching, Committee of Recruitment of Professional Technical Positions and academic committees of the university’s schools and departments.